The Balance of Wisdom

Suppose, for whatever reason, that we want to improve our organisation’s flow of value. It is easy to imagine that we will achieve this with consistency if we make wise decisions. The wiser our decisions and actions, the more impactful our efforts.Yet, where does wisdom arise from? What does it really mean to act withContinue reading “The Balance of Wisdom”

What is a team?

At Novavi, we use a rather demanding definition of the word “team”. As a team we are a group of people that: Share a common purpose that is meaningful to each team member; Are committed to working ever better together – we practice kaizen; Is relatively small, from three to less than a dozen peopleContinue reading “What is a team?”

The Team Chartering Experience

Why should we bother with a chartering experience? The chartering process accelerates the path to excellence for any team. Nine women can’t make a baby in a month. The chartering process can’t be rushed. Each team will need to take its own time to learn, discover and agree on the elements of chartering for theirContinue reading “The Team Chartering Experience”

Cultivating personal energy

5 minute read Humans thrive in communities, and wither alone. Although our bodies are dispersed, we are fortunate that our technology enables our minds to be engaged in lively collaboration. However, the way we use our tools may present some challenges. Reflecting on the habits of work under COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown in New Zealand,Continue reading “Cultivating personal energy”