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Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM)

When we start practicing an Agile way of working, reality often quickly proves to be much more complex than we might have expected. How would we best employ concepts such as overcoming absurdity, eliminating waste, understanding speed and acceleration to value, build quality into our work, sharing fierce feedback with radical candour, and different approaches to leadership?

The first step on your Disciplined Agile certification journey may be The Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) two-day workshop.

This event is for you if you would you like to understand the various aspects of Disciplined Agile, including its conceptual basis, how it is organised, its foundation, roles and team structures, and its overall scope.

As a team leader you strive to become more agile and help your team be more effective at delighting its customers. To succeed, you need to cultivate an agile mindset, combined with leadership and team management skills. At the same time, you must act within the context of your organisation and its culture. The DASM workshop provides you with effective tools and strategies to help you lead an agile team, influence people, remove impediments and learn how to tailor your team’s way of working (WoW) so it matches and reflects your team’s unique situation. 

In response to the COVID-19 lockdown measures, depending on context, we offer both face-to-face and on-line events. The on-line events use Zoom and Miro for the virtual classroom and shared workspace experience.

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We offer the DASM on-line class in partnership with Process Mentors.

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