Leadership Essentials

In our current world context, we believe leadership matters most. The quality of our lives is affected by the quality of our leadership. We believe we should become the leaders we wish to have.

We propose a one-day Leadership Essentials workshop to reset our appreciation of leadership in today’s world. The first event was held on December 9th 2020 at Adina Britomart, 2 Tapora Street, Auckland.

The next event will be held in February 2021. So that we may offer a date that works well for you, please share with us your timing and delivery preferences by registering your interest, or explore a few more details about it.

Disciplined Agile Training

Disciplined Agile Training

Implementing Disciplined Agile – DA111

Over time, we will offer a broader suite of Disciplined Agile, adaptive oversight and leadership offerings in New Zealand, Australia and throughout South-East Asia.


We also provide coaching services for select customers that are perfecting their ways of work.

Looking to explore coaching? Send us your thoughts at

About Us

If your organisation strives for business agility, we would be delighted to be your partners for your organisational improvement efforts.

We can also customise an approach to serve your specific Disciplined Agile or DA Value Streams training and coaching needs.

See The Novavi Way for insight into our beliefs, principles and habits.

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