Focused Leadership

We believe leadership matters most. The quality of our lives is directly affected by the quality of our leadership. We believe we should become the leaders we wish to have.

We believe the best way of leadership is characterised by balance. It is a work of empathy, curiosity and courage. It is a result of disciplined, deliberate practice.

Novavi partners with Intent Based Leadership International to enable organisations to flourish. If you’d like to attend a one-day Leadership Essentials event, please use the buttons below to register your interest or learn more about it.

Focused Renewal

We provide team chartering, facilitation, coaching and mentoring services for select customers that wish to focus on renewing their ways of work.

We can also serve as virtual lean & agile practice leaders, nurturing communities of facilitators and coaches.

Looking to explore focused renewal? Send us your thoughts at

About Us

See The Novavi Way for insight into our beliefs, principles and habits.

If you strive for business agility, we would be delighted to become your partners, serving as catalysts in your organisational improvement.