Novavi: focused renewal

Novavi means ”I will renew”. It symbolises the deliberate intention and practice of focused renewal.

The Novavi Intent

Imagine your organisation is set up to thrive indefinitely. This means:

  • Each day, the organisation delights its customers and satisfies its stakeholders;
  • Nearly everyone working in or with the organisation deeply enjoys the work and is actively engaged;
  • While proactive and ambitious, there is no sense of frantic haste, overburden, careless waste or absurdity;
  • Over time, the organisation not only flows value well to its customers, but it also reinvents itself to adapt to evolving customer needs and market opportunities;
  • The organisation actively prunes away aspects that no longer serve its health and evolving purpose.

This is what Novavi is about: co-creating such ongoing experiences for modern organisations, their customers, people, teams, partners and communities. If you strive for business agility, we would be delighted to become your partners, serving as catalysts in your organisational improvement.

Novavi Limited serves customers worldwide from New Zealand. Horia Slușanschi, Gareth Holebrook, and Aldo Rall are the founders of Novavi. 

See The Novavi Way for more insight into our beliefs, principles and habits.

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